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Why we started Scentlion

Scentlion was started with the Fragrance Community in mind. At times sites are started just to make money, but Scentlion was started for just the love and enjoyment for fragrances. Ever since I was a young middle schooler I have always loved fragrances. They not only gave me confidence but really made my spirit perk up.

I hope you find this site helpful and enjoy all the blood sweat and tears that our team has done to put it together. If you have any questions feel free to contact us always. – Xavier  (Creator of 

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  • Users

      • Yos

        Club De Nuit Intense Man

        Smells amazing (opening is ok but after 30 mins once dried down is 9.5/10).Lasts all day with EXTREMELY strong projection...

      • nathasha

        Club De Nuit Intense Man

        i own the batch of 2017 September . i should say not giving a good performance at all. i was...

      • saeco

        Dior Sauvage

        The problem is I would have preferred Sauvage made by another brand than Dior , it's definitely not reaching the...

      • Todd

        Creed Aventus Review

        The Creed batch variation idea solely comes from fragrance snobs who feel they can discern batch variations of Aventus. It...

      • aidan

        Creed Aventus Review

        hi ther:)c4216a01 have the same batch on order,i didnt know till i read your review wat kinda batch id b...

      • R. Caro

        Creed Aventus Review

        I am on my second bottle of Aventus. It is my go to scent year around. ...

      • Jorge Medina Hernandez

        L’Homme Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

        I've has this cologne and it is a very good purchase. It's a smooth,classy,and elegant smell to it. I would...

      • Luis

        Insurrection Pure 2 Reyane Tradition

        I use this cologne when I go to Church on Sunday. It is a very vibrating and refreshing scent. I...