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Versace Eros

AbnerMar 9, 2022 Cologne Reviews

Eros Eau de Parfum by Versace is a Amber Woody fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Eros Eau de Parfum was launched in 2020. 

Instantly reminds me of the EDT Eros. Lemony. Mandarin. It smells more rich and more deep. The mint is noticeably missing, or at least toned down supremely.



The new Versace Eros bottle is a representation of the fragrance that bears Gianni Versace’s brother’s name. The bottle is designed in the same way as the founder of the fashion house. The scent was designed by the company’s nose, Olivier Polge, as a homage to Gianni Versace’s brother.

The new Versace Eros bottle, which comes in a gold hue, was released in the fall of 2010. A thousand bottles of the perfume are offered in a limited edition.

Notes & Scent

Top Notes:
Mint, Candy Apple, Lemon and Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes
Ambroxan, Geranium and Clary Sage

Base Notes:
Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli, Leather and Bitter Orange



This is a conflicting fragrance. On the one hand it objectively smells great. Fresh, minty, versatile in all seasons and times of day. Great longevity and projection. Overall, a very well made commercial scent for a good price. The problem is how polarizing it can be- both for its ubiquity and how it has become strongly associated with male jabroni culture. People who haven’t smelled it before usually like it, but people who recognize it often have negative opinions even if they can’t argue on the merits of the smell. So it takes some effort to thread that line when wearing and paradoxically makes it a more restricting fragrance to have.


Vanilla is a dominant scent here, and will linger for up to 12 hours, depending on your personal chemistry and activity level. Within the first few hours, wearers of Versace Eros will experience sillage of around three feet. It lingers on the skin throughout the day, and the scent lasts on clothes for several days.


Season: Any Season

Age Group:18+

This is a scent that can easily shift from the office to a night out. Because of the sweetness of the perfume, it’s excellent for spring and summer, but after it dries out, the cedarwood, oak moss, and vetiver notes allow it to be used in the cooler months.

Price $60-$90

Feedback on Versace Eros - by CP Lively

I’ve grown to respect this flanker. I love what they’ve done with the EDP. It truly comes across like a more finished/polished/refined version of the original. It’s also one of my girlfriends’ favorite fragrances on me, which she has had the opportunity to smell 30+ from my collection. Excellent value for the money, solid performance, great smelling fragrance. I’d say it’s a winner..

Rotten Rebel01

I recently did a review of this on my YouTube "Rotten Rebel" This one.. Opens up with that mint. You know the one from the original.. So good. A bit of candied apple and a citrus mix backed up by ambroxan makes the opening to mid a winner. If you love minty sweet opening that is. The dry down has that classic eros blend with vanilla and woody notes, but the woody side is changed a bit and the overall blend is much smoother and rounder. I almost never put an age to a scent but this one to me feels a bit more mature than the original. The original is a great scent, but this to me is really, really nice. I really enjoy this, it's a mass appealing scent for sure and most people around you will think you smell great in an attractive way.

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