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Poseidon’s Elixir Review

XavierJan 3, 2017 Cologne Reviews

From the house that Dua built, we are reviewing Poseidon’s Elixir.

If you have read my previous review on Royal Elixir, I explain a little introduction on this house. But to be honest, if you’re in the fragrance community this brand needs no introduction.

Dua Fragrances came out of nowhere in the first quarter of 2016, creating a huge buzz in the frag community for creating clones that outperformed the originals. Dua’s original interpretations like Mobster and using natural ingredients with 50 % concentration have but this house on the radar.

I was able to do a swap on our “Swap & Sell” forum to get my hands on Poseidon’s Elixir which is Dua take on the legend Aventus. With so many clones of Aventus (Club De Nuit, Insurrection 2 Pure etc..) how does Poseidon’s Elixir stand up? Is it worth purchasing?

Let’s dive into this review!


Mahazam Rahza the Owner & Founder of Dua was nice enough to answer an onslaught of questions I had for him on his brand. One point he brought up was that his presentation right now is “shit”. He gave me a brief run down on running a fragrances company and the cost associated with Bottle Design and Presentation.

One of the biggest pricing factors on the fragrances we purchase is the bottle and packaging design, which is why house’s like Creed charge an arm and a leg for their fragrances. Granted these big houses also have to make more $$ due to other overhead reason’s but you guys get the point.

All that being said, Dua’s Fragrances does not come with a box or professional packaging. When you place an order with Dua your fragrance will come properly shipped but won’t have a fancy packaging yet. Granted I got Poseidon’s Elixir from a swap but from my previous orders, this was the case.

Bottle Design is pretty generic; you get a bottle that you will see in a lot of indie houses. Even though the bottle is generic Dua has taken the time to dress it up. Labels with their insignia and fragrance name rest in the front, and on the back a label with a list of ingredients. A longer than usual gold cap and sprayer really make this bottle look great in my collection, like little chess pieces ready for fragrance war.

One of the saving factors with Dua’s Presentation is their sprayer, I have tested a slew of fragrances from different houses and Dua’s sprayers are up there with Creed and other big names.

The presentation will not blow you away, but the sprayer will!

Notes & Scent

Notes: Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple, Rose, Birch, Moroccan Jasmine, Patchouli, Oak Moss, Musk, Ambergris, and Vanilla.

The nose behind of Poseidon’s Elixir is Mahazam Rahaza.

Dua Fragrances site and Fragrantica do not break down the notes by Top, Mid or Base. I just get a long list of notes, so I’ll do my best to break it down with my big nose. On my initial application, I get a heavy dose of Pineapple, Bergamot, Apple, and Birch. And what really got my nose hairs excited was how natural each note smells. The Pineapple smells so natural and is blended really well with the Bergamot and Apple.

The fruity notes are done really well and a little bit of a surprise. Watching reviews and reading about Poseidon’s Elixir I was expecting a more smoky take on Aventus, but to my surprise, Poseidon’s Elixir is really fresh. The opening reminds me of taking a plate made of Birch Wood and placing Pineapple, Green Apple and Bergamot overtop. The scent of the plate made of Birch is always prominent but the Fruits are front a center.

The opening is very similar to Aventus, not identical but the pineapple and birch notes are really close. I enjoy this opening more than other clones I have sampled; each note smells natural. Many clones I put my nose on smell really synthetic.

As Poseidon’s Elixir starts to dry down it goes in a slightly different direction than Aventus. The Birch is always present but hints of Oak Moss, Musk and Patchouli start to visit. These other notes transition Poseidon’s Elixir from Sweet/ Birch (Aventus) to Sweet / Woody’s / Herby blend. I know that Birch is a type of wood but the hints of Oak Moss give it a unique woody’s background. Also, the patchouli gives it slight hints of Herbs.

What I love about all the fragrances I have sampled from DUA is the quality and how well they are blended. Poseidon’s Elixir is no different, is not the perfect clone of Aventus but for me it’s the most enjoyable to wear from start to finish. I enjoying wearing this over Club De Nuit and Insurrection 2 Pure.

 Poseidon’s Elixir is a great fragrance, that has a very similar vibe to Aventus with subtle hints that make it unique.


Dua Fragrances are a great value in my opinion, two sprays are the equivalent of spraying four from other fragrance houses in terms of performance. Poseidon’s Elixir gives me a solid 3+ hours of projection at arm’s length. It also gives produces a great scent trail that is Aventus like. After the 4 Hour mark, it becomes more of a strong skin scent, that’s noticeable and stays with you.

Just like Aventus, Poseidon’s Elixir impress me. A fresh un-synthetic Pineapple/ Fruity / Woody scent that projects for most of the day. Is this a projection monster no, but it’s the monsters step brother.

Good performance in the projection department, Not beast mode but respectable.


I get a solid 7hrs from Poseidon’s Elixir, this is with applying two sprays to the neck. The first 5 hours the fragrance is noticeably strong, its starts to die down around the 7-8 hr mark.


Doesn’t last as long as others from the house of DUA, but definitely respectable longevity



Season: Any Season

Age Group:21+

Just like Aventus, Poseidon’s Elixir is a really versatile fragrance.

It can be worn in any season at pretty much any occasion. With its blend of sweetness and woodiness, it is a crowd pleaser as well that will not offend. It’s also a great fragrance for any age group young and old.


Very versatile fragrance that will work for any occasion

Really versatile fragrance. You can wear this in any occasion any season anytime, have I said any enough!


Price $45

My Overall Feedback on Poseidon’s Elixir

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by Poseidon’s Elixir by the house of Dua Fragrances. I was expecting a darker Aventus interpretation, but to my surprise, it’s not. It really reminds me of the fruitier batches of Aventus that I really love. To me it’s a great value, 2-3 sprays last me all day. At that rate, my bottle should last me quite a bit of time. My favorite Aventus clone to date, it not 100% Aventus but I get a very similar vibe that I really enjoy. If you’re looking for Aventus then purchase a 30ml decant (Batch# C4216A01). If you're looking for a nice fragrance that carries similar traits to the great Aventus then Poseidon’s Elixir may be for you.


In my opinion, I prefer the actual Aventus. But as far as clones go, Poseidon's Elixir is really nice. It’s a bit more herby, while Aventus is sweeter. At first spray, it’s pretty loud, but the dry down is really nice. It’s not an overwhelming fragrance, more subtle which is really nice. I really enjoy this fragrance on X.

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Ever since I was young, I have always loved to smell great. Cologne head all the way. Now that I am older I still love going to the mall or local shops to smell the latest fragrances. Always looking to make my collection of scents larger :)


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