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Dior Sauvage

XavierAug 12, 2016 Cologne Reviews

On my quest to find the best summer & spring scent in my fragrance fantasy lineup for 2016, I got my hands on Dior Sauvage. I was really excited to try the latest and greatest from the Dior house.

As I am writing this article, Summertime is in full effect and my current go to scent is Dior Aqua Fahrenheit. But being a Cologne Head I am always looking for new Fragrances. Can Dior deliver with its newest fragrance Sauvage?

To Sauvage or not to Sauvage let’s find out?


Classic Dior, clean and simple design executed perfectly. Beautiful cylindrical bottle with a barbershop tight blue to white fade.

And as always the sprayer is fantastic, really giving you the dragon’s breath when you hit the nozzle. One thing that is consistent with Dior is you will always get a fantastic bottle with a sprayer that gives you enough juice to swim in!

Dior great job!

Notes & Scent

Top Notes: Pepper and Calabrian Bergamot

Middle Notes: Geranium, Lavender, Sichuan Pepper, Elemi, Pink Pepper, Vetiver and Patchouli

Base Notes: Cedar, Labdanum and Ambroxan

Dior Sauvage was launched in the summer of 2015, and the nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy.

What a gorgeous scent from beginning to end. When I first put on Dior Sauvage I get a strong blast of pepper blended perfectly with Bergamot. I get a very similar Bleu De Chanel vibe at the opening, but honestly I prefer the opening on Sauvage much better.

Once Sauvage starts to dry down, you really start to fall in love with it.  It’s really interesting that I get so many vibes from this fragrance: Cool, Fresh, Fruity and Clean WOW!

I love this scent but it definitely reminds me of fragrances I have smelled in the past.


I get good projection out of Dior Sauvage. For the first 4 hours I really feel like I am leaving a nice scent cloud. Be careful wearing this scent if you’re married because it will garner compliments, and for a split second you’ll feel like Johnny Depp.

All jokes aside Dior did a great job creating a fresh scent that projects well, I get a solid 4 hours of good projection.


With most Dior fragrances I have, the longevity is great. Dior Sauvage is no different, I get great longevity out of this gem. On average it last on my skin 10-12 hours, which is quite exceptional for a fresh fragrance.


Season: All Year

Age Group:21 and up.

Very versatile fragrance that you could wear all year long. I initially was looking for a summer and spring scent, but the more I wear Sauvage the more I see myself wearing this in the winter.

Price $55- $80

My Overall Feedback on Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage is a really nice fragrance. It reminds me of 212 by Carolina Herrera, Bleu De Chanel but done better. Will it take the top spot in my Summer lineup probably not but it may take a close 2nd. This is another classic by the house of Dior that I truly enjoy. Sauvage reminds of Johnny Depp, a versatile fragrance that can be worn in any season.

Brooklyn's Feedback

So when X told me he was trying out Dior Sauvage, I was super excited! I mean come on Johnny Depp is the spokesman for it. But in all seriousness, this scent is slightly sweet, but mostly just a clean man smell. It’s wonderful. And it last forever. even if you become scent blind, others around you will surely smell it, and will most definitely get you a few compliments! I love this for the spring and summer time, but truly, it can be worn all year round. This one gets an 4 from me!

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Ever since I was young, I have always loved to smell great. Cologne head all the way. Now that I am older I still love going to the mall or local shops to smell the latest fragrances. Always looking to make my collection of scents larger :)


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