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Creed Aventus Review

XavierSep 29, 2016 Cologne Reviews

The one and only Creed Aventus, I finally get a chance to review an urban legend in the fragrances community. When I first learned about Aventus, I was not familiar with the house of Creed. Like with any product I think about purchasing I love to research until the point of obsession. To be honest, I have read possibly every review and watched countless videos on Creed’s Aventus on Youtube.

The only thing that held me back purchasing a bottle was the high price tag, so to make up I tried about every clone: Insurrection Pure 2 and Club De Nuit Intense Man to name a few. And to be honest Club De Nuit Intense Man has been the best clone to date I have reviewed almost 80% similar, but that’s still leaving 20%.

So Christmas came in July for me when a beautiful 4oz bottle of Creed’s Aventus Batch # C4216A01 arrived at my door.  My first experience with this batch and as fellow fragcommers know batches can vary from smoky to fruity. How will it rate let’s find out?


If you ever decide to fork out the cheddar for a bottle of Creed’s fragrance, the first thing you will notice is the fantastic presentation from the box down to the bottle. I love how Creed decided to package Aventus, I also appreciate the story behind it. Straight from there site “Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor, celebrating strength, power, and success.”  By emperor they mean Napoleon, I feel like I am back in History Class.

Let’s start with the box, it almost has a leather type of background to it that looks pretty awesome and I love how the Creed logo is embossed in silver and the classic Creed crown is in black. You also get a neat silver plaque that shows Napoleon on his horse and the words Aventus beside him.  As you open the box you get the classic Creed story card and mini pamphlet, this is a really nice touch that gives you more information on the company but also makes you feel like you’ve bought a luxury item.

The bottle keeps a similar theme from the box, The shiny leather type of material wraps around the lower portion of the clear bottle beautifully, Centered perfectly in the middle is a silver plaque that shows Napoleon on his horse. The cap feels nice and heavy with Creeds crown in silver, Creed’s attention to detail leaves no stone unturned. Creed is known to have a great sprayer and this is definitely the case with Aventus it really gives you the dragon’s mist when you use it.

Creeds Aventus presentation is top notch, Even Bruce Wayne would be impressed!

Notes & Scent

Top Notes: Corsican Blackcurrant, Italian Bergamot, French Calville Blanc apples and Royal Pineapple.

Middle Notes: Napolean Roses, Louisiana Birch, Egyptian Jasmine and Patchouli.

Base Notes: Spanish Oak Moss, Ambergris and French Vanilla

Aventus was launched in 2010, and the perfumer by this is Olivier Creed Sixth Generation and Erwin Creed Seventh Generation. 

A note of warning if you’re just learning about Creed Fragrances, batch variations can change the feel dramatically. Some versions of Aventus can be more smokey and others fruiter so always be aware of which batch number you have.

My Batch # is C4216A01, and man I have really fell in love with this batch, Fruity Pineappley goodness! When I first apply I get a heavy dose of Pineapples mixed with Birchwood, Ambergris, Apple and Bergamot, every note smells natural and fresh like out of the produce aisle.

As my batch of Aventus wears down the Birchwood and hints of patchouli become more prominent, but make no mistake the Pineapple and Apple notes are still there hanging out.

I really love this scent from top to bottom it reminds me of elegance and class mixed with casual freshness if that makes any sense at all. This batch has to be on my all-time list of versatile fresh scents, the use of pineapples is generously blended with all the notes.

What a fresh, inviting yet unique scent. Aventus scores a big Touchdown!


I get a good scent cloud and projection out of Aventus. The first 4 hours I can feel it projecting really well. I catch myself getting whiffs of the beautiful fragrances and smiling with a big grin, like “ yeah that’s me that smells that good”. After the 4 hour mark it gets closer to the skin, but what I love is that if you start moving around or step in the heat it makes a comeback.

It may not be beast mode but its junior beast mode and leaves a nice peppy le pew trail as you pass by.

In one occasion I had to leave to visit a client, after putting on Aventus I stepped out the door to leave. My wife after coming home a few hours later said as soon as she walked in the door she could smell the scent trail I made in the house. Honey, I have something to confess I have been seeing someone else and her name is Aventus!

Great projection for a fresh versatile fragrance


Aventus hits the mark again for longevity, I get a solid 10 -12 hours every time. Around the 7-hour mark, it’s a skin scent but it’s still there. For a fresh fragrance, I am really impressed by how long this last on my skin. This makes me smile, so many times I have tried Creed fragrances and they don’t last on my skin : Silver Mountain Water, Millesime Imperial etc. But Aventus comes thru like an old friend.

The Energizer Bunny of Fresh Fragrances


Season: Any Season

Age Group:Anyone that can afford it

Really versatile fragrance. You can wear this in any occasion any season anytime, have I said any enough!


Price $200+

My Overall Feedback on Creed's Aventus

I can’t say enough good things about Creed’s Aventus. It’s probably the only Creed fragrances, in my opinion, worth owning. If you can’t afford a full bottle I recommend getting a decant of this batch just to experience it. I really appreciate what Creed has done, many have tried to clone but none have captured the essence 100%. Is it worth buying? In my opinion, it is.


I really enjoy Aventus. When comparing it to the clones I can now really tell a difference. This batch is really nice, the sweetness from the Pineapple mixed with the Birch really give it a great aroma. One of my favorite fragrances that Xavier wears!

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Ever since I was young, I have always loved to smell great. Cologne head all the way. Now that I am older I still love going to the mall or local shops to smell the latest fragrances. Always looking to make my collection of scents larger :)


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