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Ajmel Amber wood

XavierAug 12, 2016 Cologne Reviews

Ajmal, a house that most fragrance lovers don’t know about and to be honest, a house that I recently found out thanks to my buddy Nick S (Check out his channel here)

I recently reviewed Ajmal Silver Shade and was  really impressed with the quality and value proposition. (Great Clone of SMW)

The super nice people at MTInternational (Same place where I bought Silver Shade) were nice enough to send me a sample of Ajmal Amber Wood. I love to try unique scents that are really hard to get a hold of.

Let’s take a trip to Dubai and jump into Ajmal Amber Wood.


I wasn’t able to get a hold of the actual bottle unfortunately it looks beautiful online. From my previous experience with Silver Shade I will give Ajmal the benefit of the doubt that this bottle will sit beautifully in your collection. Ajmal Amber Wood is part of their W series, which appears to be their Lexus model.

Notes & Scent

Top Notes: Apple, White Pepper, Lavender and Cardamom 

Middle Notes: Orris and Cedar

Base Notes: Amber, Wood Notes and Patchouli 

Ajmal Amber Wood was launched in 2014 and was created by perfumer Stéphane Bengana

Ajmal launched the W series in an attempt to create their best product for consumers. “It is a result of a blend of the best raw material used in developing new fragrances” to quote Abdulla Ajmal, CEO of Ajmal Perfumes.

From top to bottom the quality of the fragrance is evident. When I first put on Amber Wood, I get exactly what the name states Amber and Wood. A really nice sweet Amber and a really nice out the wood shed wood note. Nothing synthetic about this at all.

As this fragrance starts to dry down, the Lavender starts to join this beautiful concoction. When I wear this scent I feel like I just landed in Dubai. If you enjoy clean woody scents you will really love Ajmal Amber Wood. 

Quality Quality Quality well done Ajmal!


Ajmal Amber Wood has good longevity. For the first 3-5 hours I can feel my Woody, Amber scent trail linger. When you hit about the 4 hour mark it becomes more of a skin scent. But for this type of fragrance, I prefer it not project to strong as it can become cloying.

Overall I think the projection is perfect. Beware if you go heavy on the scents results will vary and this scent can become cloying.


I get great longevity from Ajmal Amber Wood. From my test I get an average of 10 – 12 hours on my skin. This is made with some real quality ingredients that will last on your skin.


Season: Fall / Winter

Age Group:35 and up

This is definitely a Fall / Winter scent.

During the colder seasons Ajmal Amber Wood is a winner!

Price $180- $200

My Overall Feedback

Ajmal Amber Wood is a very well done clean woody scent. Honestly I am not a huge fan of woody scents but if you are in the market for one with quality ingredients this is your ticket.  For me and my collection I will pass on it but I do appreciate what Ajmal has done.

Brooklyn's Feedback

This fragrance reminds me of my dad. It’s a scent I would expect an outdoorsy man would really enjoy. It’s not a bad scent, I just prefer aquatic or musky fragrances. But the quality is great. A must if you like woodsy scents.

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Ever since I was young, I have always loved to smell great. Cologne head all the way. Now that I am older I still love going to the mall or local shops to smell the latest fragrances. Always looking to make my collection of scents larger :)


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