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Roadster by Cartier

XavierAug 11, 2016 Cologne Reviews

Blind buying fragrances can be hit or miss. I try to buy decants now instead of forking out the money for a full bottle. But every so often if a fragrance is not too expensive I’ll blind buy a bottle. Roadster by Cartier was a blind buy, I was looking for a fresh minty fragrance.

One of the reasons I chose Roadster by Cartier was its note breakdown Mint, Vanilla, Bergamot just to name a few. Also, Roadster had been mentioned in a lot of Youtube videos and forum threads, so I decided to take a shot.

I hope I don’t regret this purchase, let’s dive into this review.


Cartier is a company mainly known for its high-end watches and jewellery, founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. From the history of Cartier, the bar and presentation were set high. Cartier Roadster comes in a simple box with the logo and insignia “Roadster Cartier” large in the front of the packaging and on the side.

Opening the box carefully I pulled out the Roadster, what a beautiful bottle. Cartier put a lot of time designing this bottle to replicate the styling of their watches. The cap is really solid and resembles the crown on a watch. The attention to detail is impeccable, the cap really does look like a crown on a watch and even functions similar. To remove the cap you have to unscrew it counter-clockwise as if you were adjusting your watch settings. Under the cap, Cartier even took the time to put a rubber underlay.

The bottle itself is made of thick high-quality glass that resembles Sapphire crystals seen in Cartier watches. A raised and rounded portion of glass centres the bottle showing the Logo and Insignia. Now the most important factor the sprayer, and just like everything else with this bottle its perfect! Roadster bottle has to be in my Top 5 all time bottle list. Solid and beautiful like their timepieces Cartier really did a great job putting this together.

Gorgeous bottle that would look great in any collection.

Notes & Scent

Top Note: Mint and Bergamot 

Middle Note: French labdanum 

Base Note: Vanilla, Vetiver, and Patchouli 

Here come the moment of truth, how does Roadster smell. When I first spray Cartier Roadster I get a super strong mix of a lot of different notes. Mint, Bergamot, Patchouli and Vetiver all come out at the top, and it’s almost unbearably strong. After about 45 minutes this beast tames down, and it starts to become a wearable fragrance.

Once the initial headache of the opening wears down I can start to make out notes. To me what I get out of Roadster is Mint, Vetiver and small hints of Bergamot. The mint in Roadster is more of a strong herbal mint. Unfourtantly the dominate note is Vetiver, a strong earthy and heavy Vetiver.

This is a really mature fragrance that honestly is just not for me, it’s just way too strong. I was expecting a fresh, clean and sweeter mint but unfortunately, this is not Roadster.  The main notes come off really heavy and not fresh. The only way for me to pull off this fragrance is literally spraying “one spray”.

Really disappointed with Cartier Roadster, I was hoping for a fresh, clean fragrance but I get an old mature, heavy scent that is almost unbearable to wear.


Roadster by Cartier performed really well, I get strong sillage out of this. For the first 5 hours, you are going to get a strong scent cloud at over arms length out of Roadster and people will smell you. After the first 5 hours, Roadster becomes a strong skin scent.

Roadster really projects


I get great longevity out of Roadster as well, lasting on my skin 8+ hours. Word of caution go extremely light on this fragrance no more than 2 sprays. Roadster by Cartier can be a migraine inducing cloying fragrance if you go heavy on the sprayer.

Roadster really lasts on my skin


Season: Spring

Age Group:

I don’t think this is a really versatile fragrance. The Vetiver and Mint come off really heavy and mature. Anyone 21+ could pull this off but be warned you may smell like an old man.

Price $30- $50

My Overall Feedback

Roadster by Cartier really disappointed me. I was expecting a fresh, summer/spring fragrance. Unfortunately what I got was a strong and heavy fragrance that smells really mature, and the opposite of fresh. But to its merit when I literally sprayed “one spray” and let this fragrance wear down for about an hour it wasn’t as bad.

I personally do not like Roadster by Cartier, it will most likely be sold. I hate to sell such a gorgeous bottle, but I don’t believe in keeping fragrances that you won’t wear. That is the negative side of blind buying, you win and some and you lose some. If your thinking about purchasing this fragrance I highly recommend buying a decant first.

Brooklyn's Feedback

When I first smelled this fragrance I automatically thought Gag!!! It just screams old man to me. This one gives me an immediate migraine. My least favorite fragrance as of yet.

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Ever since I was young, I have always loved to smell great. Cologne head all the way. Now that I am older I still love going to the mall or local shops to smell the latest fragrances. Always looking to make my collection of scents larger :)


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