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YSL La Nuit De L’Homme

XavierAug 11, 2016 Cologne Reviews

Walking in the mall one day, I decided to step into Belks to sample some new fragrances. I decided to try on YSL’s La Nuit De L’Homme, and it was love at first whiff. The rest of the day I couldn’t stop being amazed at how much I loved this new fragrance.

Of course, I ended up buying a bottle of La Nuit De L’Homme. But I never got a chance to do an in-depth review to really test out performance. I’ll try my best to do La Nuit De L’Homme justice, here we go!


Getting my shipment in the mail from Fragrancenet, I was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to tear it open. La Nuit De L’Homme comes in a basic black box with what almost appears to be spider web type of pattern. Dead center is the YSL logo and below towards the bottom of the box is the standard information: size, type of fragrance etc..

The bottle of La Nuit De L’Homme looks pretty much the same as all the other flankers of L’Homme minus the color. La Nuit means “the night” so YSL stuck with a darker theme for this flanker. Smokey and dark reminds me of Batman in a way, all jokes aside I really do enjoy this bottle. The cylindrical bottle fits great in my hand, and the heavy hexagon cap really looks sharp. And the most important factor “the sprayer” it works great! Perfect amount of fragrance every time.

Great bottle like all the other L’Homme flankers

Notes & Scent

Top Notes: Cardamom

Middle Notes: Bergamot, Virginia Cedar, and Lavender

Base Note: Vetiver and Caraway

YSL La Nuit De L’Homme was created in 2009, the noses behind this gem are Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye, and Dominique Ropion.

Many times flankers just don’t work, it seems like an attempt for the designers just to make more money. Most designers don’t take the time to create flankers that actually merit a review. La Nuit De L’homme is the best flanker I have laid my nose on.

YSL La Nuit De L’Homme opens with a fresh blast of spicy Cardamom. The spicy Cardamom really smells great, giving La Nuit De L’Homme a spicy cinnamon type of vibe from the get go. After about 10 minutes you start to realize how well La Nuit De L’Homme is blended.

La Nuit’s mid and base notes come out quite early keeping this fragrance linear but not in a bad way at all. The Cardamom, Lavender, Bergamot are the main players but you can really smell every note. La Nuit was designed to be the darker version of YSL’s L’homme, and its DNA (Cedar, Vetiver, and Bergamot) is always present. That DNA makes this fragrance a really unique, a fresh aromatic spicy masterpiece that will get you compliments!

Ohh my what do we have here, YSL hit it out the park with La Nuit De L’Homme


Every great superhero has a weakness. Superman has kryptonite, and YSL La Nuit De L’Homme weakness is its performance. Don’t get me wrong it’s not flat out terrible but, I wish this fragrance would consistently project longer than 4 hrs.

For the first 3hrs, La Nuit De L’Homme performance is above average. I can feel it projecting little over arms length, leaving a nice scent trail. But after the 3-hour mark, things start to go south quickly. La Nuit De L’Homme becomes a skin scent at about the 4-hour mark. I have read on forums that La Nuit was reformulated and that the latest batches suffer in the performance category. That being said I wish it would project better because I love this scent.
Average to below average projection


I get good longevity out of La Nuit De L’Homme. On average it last on my skin about 8hrs. At the end of the day, I can still faintly smell it.

Good Longevity


Season: Anytime

Age Group:

Really versatile fragrance that could be worn at any occasion. Most people will say this is a night scent or more formal but I disagree. I think with its L’Homme DNA it can be worn anytime.

Price $40- $60

My Overall Feedback on YSL's La Nuit De L'Homme

I really love this fragrance, its the best of both worlds. Spicy, Aromatic and Fresh all in one bottle. This maybe the first time where I prefer the flanker over the original. I do enjoy the original YSL L’Homme, but man this just smells more sophisticated and grown. The only downside to me is the performance area. I tend to overcome this by spraying my clothes to help extend the life. This will always be in my collection as I run through bottles.

If you don’t own a Spicy, Aromatic fragrance you owe it to yourself to own YSL’s La Nuit De L’Homme.

Brooklyn's Feedback

This fragrance is so seductive, spicy and slightly sweet. The combination of Cardamom, Bergamot, and Lavendar mix so well it’s intoxicating. I love this fragrance!

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Ever since I was young, I have always loved to smell great. Cologne head all the way. Now that I am older I still love going to the mall or local shops to smell the latest fragrances. Always looking to make my collection of scents larger :)


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