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5 ways to keep her falling for you. From a woman’s point of view

5 ways to keep her falling for you. From a woman’s point of view

  • Posted by Brooklyn
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So you’ve found a woman you really like, want to make her fall for you??  Here are a few tips to help make that happen.

 1. When she talks, listen.


Don’t just listen with your ears, listen with your heart and mind. Be present in the conversation. Don’t try to overpower her with your opinion, but if she ask you a question, try to answer her with more than just a yes or no (one word) answer. Really try to give an honest answer. Remember that a woman’s mind needs to be stimulated just as much as her body. And be mindful of your delivery, tact is very important.

You want to be honest, but not hurtful or mean. For example, if she ask if you like her new hair cut, even if you hate it, never say you hate it. Instead, say something like “I prefer longer hair, but no matter how you do it, you’re still beautiful.” Or something along those lines.


 2. Spend time with her.


Most ladies I know don’t care whether it’s a picnic in the park or a quiet night with take out and a movie as long as you’re together. Have fun, be goofy, don’t be afraid to let your guard down and be real with her. Snuggling on the couch with a good movie is like heaven for us ladies!! We live for these moments!! I’m not saying you have to be overly mushy, but just being sweet once in awhile can be amazing.

If she’s rocking sweats and a messy bun, tell her she’s beautiful, and mean it. Even if she doesn’t believe it, she’ll love hearing it! (This is where she’ll start falling hard…) Remember, be sweet, but don’t give her a cavity! Give her some good quality time and she’ll open her heart to you.


 3. Wear that cologne she loves.


Smell is such a powerful thing. I promise, if you walk past her and she gets a good whiff of her favorite scent, her head will turn. I know when my husband wears that certain scent, I want it everywhere. I want it on my hoodie, on my pillow…. I want to smell it in my car and on my sheets. Even if we’ve just been in an argument, if he walks by me while wearing that scent and I smell it in the wind,I automatically start to melt and shed those angry feelings.

There is nothing sexier than a well-groomed man wearing some great cologne. Scent has the power to seduce, but it also has the power to repulse, so make sure you wear the one she really likes. You’ll know she likes it if her head turns, and her eyes close for a few seconds. Pay attention fellas, we always give away ourselves with this subtle action.

 4. Be spontaneous!


Send her flowers at work or write her a little love note just because. If she’s sick, show up with chicken soup and a movie, One that you know she likes or has been wanting to see. Do pretty much anything you know will make her smile and is out of the ordinary. You can even ask her what she likes. Get some ideas of what she likes, and do them when she isn’t expecting it. Being spontaneous keeps the relationship fresh, new, and exciting.

But once you get the girl, this doesn’t mean you get to stop doing these things. As women, we need to feel desired more than we need to hear it. So keep her smiling and feeling desired and she’s all yours.

 5. Finally, if you can win her family over, it’s a done deal!


Most ladies are really close with their family. Whether it’s human or fur baby family, both are just as important, and you’ll have to win them over eventually. Warning, they can always tell when you’re not being genuine, so don’t try to impress them with qualities you don’t possess. Just be yourself. If she’s introducing you to her family, she probably already thinks they will like you.

Relax, breathe, smile, and let it just happen. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your lady, so listen up and pay attention. And don’t forget to put on her favorite cologne. (Moms love this too!)

Guys, I really hope I could share some insight and I hope this helps. Good Luck fellas!!!




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