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Club De Nuit Intense Man

XavierAug 11, 2016 Cologne Reviews

Aventus has to be one of my all time favorite fragrances, especially the fruity batches. Whenever I hear about clones that are very similar for a fraction of the price I have to get my hands on them. That being said, Club De Nuit Intense Man is getting a lot of buzz in the fragrance community as the best Aventus clone on the market. I had to get my hands on it especially since the price was so cheap.

Having reviewed other Aventus killer (cough cough Insurrection Pure 2) I was skeptical that this would hit the mark as a perfect clone. Lets dive into Club De Nuit Intense Man and see if it can come close to kissing King Aventus’s feet.


When you purchase clones bottles can be a hit or a miss, Club De Nuit Intense Man does a decent job at its presentation. Not only does Armaf try to clone Aventus’s scent but they try to copy the presentation as well.

Black and Silver are the theme for Aventus, and black and silver are the theme for CDIM. Aventus has a leather type of texture print on the box, Club De Nuit Intense Man has a fabric looking black material on the box. I know this is a clone but c’mon man! As far as the bottle goes nothing to special. Solid black bottle with a cap that appears to look like oversized dice straight from the casino. Also hanging from the sprayer is a cheap circle pendant with ARMAF and a cubic zirconia to give it flair.

One constant complaint I have heard about Armaf is their sprayers and how horrible they are. I can see exactly why it could be a fluke but my sprayer is terrible. I don’t get much of anything to come out, and most of the time it seems to get stuck and I have to pull it all the way up to get another spray. Hey but what do you expect from a clone, ohh yea how about Insurrection Pure 2’s presentation Armaf!

CDIM does a poor job on presentation.

Notes & Scent

Top Notes: Lemon, Black currant and Apple

Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmine and Birch

Base Notes: Vanilla, Ambergris, Musk and Patchouli.

Here is the moment of truth does Club De Nuit Intense Man really smell like Creed’s Aventus, and can it come close to the greatness of Aventus?

When I first apply CDIM, I get a really harsh Birch and Lemon at the top. It has a similar Birch to Aventus but more synthetic. And as you guys know Aventus uses Pineapples at the top where CDIM uses Lemons. Once the strong smoky Birch and Lemon wear down I get hints of Apple and Black Currant. The Apple notes mixed with the Lemon give it a similar Pineapple Aventus vibe. After the hour mark Club De Nuit stays pretty linear, mostly Birch, Lemon, Apple, Patchouli  and Tar-Like Ambergris.

So does this smell like Aventus? The main note that really makes me think of Aventus is the Birch. If you own a smokey batch of Aventus then CDIM will smell very similar. Club De Nuit comes off  semi-synthetic unlike Creed’s Aventus, and the opening is really harsh and can be a turn off. After it settles down it starts to be a close representation of Aventus but not a 100% clone more like a 80% similarity in my opinion. That being said, I have received compliments when wearing Club De Nuit, and it’s not a bad fragrance for the money but don’t expect it to be a spot on clone.

My current batch of Aventus #16A01 is the fruity pineapple version, and I love that stuff. If you’re looking for Aventus I recommend buying a decant and owning the real thing. But Club De Nuit is a good fragrances on it’s own merit and the best clone I have smelled.

Club De Nuit Intense Man smells very similar to the smoky Aventus, but the synthetic notes are harsh and takes time to wear off.


I get good projection from CDIM for the first 3 hours. I can feel it reaching out pretty well, leaving an Aventus like (Key Word – “Like”) scent trail behind me. After the 3 hours mark, it gets closer to the skin but is still noticeable in close range.

Not bad but not great projection.


CDIM last on my skin about anywhere from 6-8 Hours on my skin. Not bad for a clone but don’t expect Aventus like 12 hours.

I have been reading online that batches from UAE seem to have better longevity than the French versions. I am not sure how true that is but my bottle was from France.



Age Group:21+

Club De Nuit Intense Man can be a very versatile scent, It is copying Aventus one of the all time most versatile scents. Just be carefull with the sprayer on this bad boy, the top notes come off really harsh. Once it dries down then you’ll get a pretty versatile fragrance that can be worn pretty much anywhere.

Price $30- $40

My Overall Feedback of Club De Nuit Intense Man

Club De Nuit Intense Man does a good job of cloning the smoky batches of King Aventus. It’s definitely not the Aventus killer that some youtuber’s have been stating. It’s not a bad fragrance if you don’t own Aventus and want something similar, but if you own Aventus and want a replacement this won’t be it. I am not a Creed Fan boy in any way, and I understand how expensive it can be to purchase. But in my opinion you would be better off taking the money you would spend on Club De Nuit Intense Man and purchasing a 5-10ml decant of the real thing.

This is the best clone I have smelled to Aventus and is 80% similar, I just wish it was less smoky and dark.

Brooklyn's Feedback

I really like this fragrance. It’s a little strong when first sprayed, but the dry down is lovely. What I really like is that it last for a good bit. Club De Nuit did a pretty good job in my opinion. Is it spot on? Not quite, but I still really enjoy the performance.

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Ever since I was young, I have always loved to smell great. Cologne head all the way. Now that I am older I still love going to the mall or local shops to smell the latest fragrances. Always looking to make my collection of scents larger :)


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